“When you stop forcing & start moving with ease,
the world has space to dance with you instead of stepping on your toes.”

– Tara Stiles

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This morning I woke up at 7, made breakfast and decided to get my workout done first thing.

I put in my 10 minute trainer – lower body dvd and started sweatin’ it up with my pal Tony Horton:



I was two minutes in (two minutes!) when we were doing alternating lunges and I felt my right hip “pop” (best description I can think of).  All of the sudden my butt/hip, back of my quad, and calf were sore on my right side. I tried to do one more move on the dvd but instantly knew I should back off.

I decided then to do the 10 minute trainer – abs dvd and that went okay.  I also went for a 30-ish minute walk outside which felt alright.

Things I’ve learned this morning? You have one body so listen to it.

I really have made huge leaps & bounds in this past week.  I went from couch potato to someone who looks forward to working out. I started eating things that made me feel vibrant & gave me energy. I won’t let this slight injury derail me. If I have to cut back a little bit on my workouts (or intensity), it sucks, but it’ll be okay.

I plan to focus on consciously eating this upcoming week, as well as still getting my daily walk in each day.

Let me know in the comments: how do you stay focused when there’s been a setback in your plan?