Seesta Seesta

Today is a bittersweet day.

Erin & Leanne 3

My younger sister Erin left to Australia this morning.   She’s going to be gone at least 9 months but possibly up to 1 year (depending if she’s having a grand ‘ol time she may stay a little later then planned). She is there to work a little, vacation a lot.

Erin and me 12

I’m so excited for her to have this year to herself. I think she will gain invaluable life experience and will have the time of her life.  I’ll miss her like crazy though, she’s one of a kind.

ty lee and erin

Love you air-bear!


Ps. I also forgot to mention a couple months back that my older sister, Carmen, moved to Europe.  I didn’t mention it on the blog at the time because I wasn’t blogging regularly, but I miss her insane amounts.

Carmen and Me




(the above picture is one of my favorite pictures from Tyler & my wedding day; It’s not the most glamorous picture but I love how Carmen & I are laughing)

It’s sinking in as I’m writing this post how much I miss those two. As different as the three of us are, we are so important to one another.  I miss them.


Catch Up

I’ve been missing in action from my blog posts lately.

Let’s catch up.

In the past couple weeks it’s been crazy wonderful (& crazy busy) in our household.

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday:


(picture taken on New Year’s Eve)

I simply love my Dad.  He’s the best.

We celebrated my younger sister Erin’s 22nd birthday:


(picture taken on Tyler & my wedding day)

She has one of the best personalities of any person I know.

And lastly; but certainly (definitely) not least, I celebrated my wonderful husband’s birthday:

Tyler and Leanne

(picture taken a couple years ago; back when I was blonde!)

The love of my life. The man who makes me giggle. The one I’m head over heels in love with. 

I had the best time finding ways to make his week extra special; making him a spinach quiche for breakfast, putting decorations up around the house, writing him a little love note, making him his favorite golden raisin oatmeal cookies, going out for dinner to a fantastic restaurant, etc.

We also celebrated Father’s day with my Dad this past Sunday (June 10). My mom & dad are on vacation and would have missed the actual Father’s day (June 17th) so we went to the Muttart Conservatory and took him out for breakfast.  It was so nice and I think he really felt special. Mission accomplished!

Well, I’m off to bed now because tomorrow I have a 7 mile run to do.  I need to let my legs rest so they can run it strong!