Seesta Seesta

Today is a bittersweet day.

Erin & Leanne 3

My younger sister Erin left to Australia this morning.   She’s going to be gone at least 9 months but possibly up to 1 year (depending if she’s having a grand ‘ol time she may stay a little later then planned). She is there to work a little, vacation a lot.

Erin and me 12

I’m so excited for her to have this year to herself. I think she will gain invaluable life experience and will have the time of her life.  I’ll miss her like crazy though, she’s one of a kind.

ty lee and erin

Love you air-bear!


Ps. I also forgot to mention a couple months back that my older sister, Carmen, moved to Europe.  I didn’t mention it on the blog at the time because I wasn’t blogging regularly, but I miss her insane amounts.

Carmen and Me




(the above picture is one of my favorite pictures from Tyler & my wedding day; It’s not the most glamorous picture but I love how Carmen & I are laughing)

It’s sinking in as I’m writing this post how much I miss those two. As different as the three of us are, we are so important to one another.  I miss them.


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