I warmed up for two minutes, ran 43 minutes straight (wahooo), took a 1 minute 30 second walking break, and then finished the last mile strong. I even ran the .20 extra that I had walked (between the warm up and small walking break) at the end & then cooled down for 6 and a half minutes.

So if I take away the warm up and walking break, I ran five miles in 54 minutes and 53 seconds!

I’m so proud of myself.  This was such an accomplishment for me.

After my run, I did some yoga and to keep my husband from disturbing my practice I left this little note on the door to our computer room:


Sometimes when I’m practicing yoga (& he’s not aware) he will open the door saying “hey babe…” and it completely makes my practice go to sh*t because my concentration has been broken.  I love him so much but I need my own space sometimes.  So my note worked perfectly. 

In other completely random news, Pebbles is adorable…


She was in the Banana Republic bag kneading because she was so happy.  ❤

This weekend is going to be great. I can just feel it!


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